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How to Turn On Hisense TV Without a Remote

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If you don’t have a Hisense TV remote, turn it on using the physical button under the TV panel labelled “POWER” or its symbol. If the remote doesn’t have the buttons, Turn off all the devices connected to the Hisense TV. As well as connect a DVD or Audio device to your Hisense TV. After this, Turn the Hisense TV directly along with the connected devices. The Hisense TV will catch the signals from the external device and turn on itself without a remote control.

As well as use Smart integration devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, to Hisense TV. You can turn on your Hisense TV without a remote control using Smart device Apps. For example, say Hey, Google, Turn on My TV.

If the methods don’t work, turn on the TV, and install a universal remote on your Smartphone found in your phone store. However, your phone should have Wi-Fi or infrared abilities to send the signals to the Hisense TV.

How to Access Settings on Hisense TV Without a Remote

It is possible to access settings on Hisense TV without a remote. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the TV to navigate settings without the remote. Using these external tools, you can navigate settings on Hisense TV.

As well, find the button on the Hisense TV front labelled “POWER”, “VOLUME”, “CHANNELS” and “SOURCE.” If the Hisense TV has such physical buttons, press the “MENU” button and use the “VOLUME” or “CHANNEL” buttons to navigate the settings.

You can use universal remote apps to control your TV, including utilizing the Campomatic remote codes list. Install a remote app on your smartphone. Typically, these universal apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

How to Press OK on Hisense TV Without a Remote

See the “OK” button under the TV panel right or left side or middle of the TV. If the TV has the “OK” button, press it. If the TV has no “OK” button, find a compatible universal remote to control your Hisense TV or install a universal remote App.

How to Change Channel on Hisense TV Without a Remote

You can change channels using the buttons under the Hisense TV. Additionally, you can change the channel using universal remote apps found in your store. If you can’t change the channels using the universal remote app, consider using a physical universal remote to change channels on the Hisense TV. If you’re using a Blackweb universal remote, you may need to refer to the Blackweb code list v1 to ensure you’re using the correct codes for your Hisense TV. This list provides the specific codes needed for different devices, facilitating smooth operation.

How to Navigate Hisense TV Without a Remote

Use the “VOLUME” or “CHANNEL” button under the TV to navigate the Hisense TV. As well as use the universal remote or universal remote on the Google play store or Apple Store.

Why Is My Hisense TV Not Responding to the Remote or Buttons?

Usually, when you use the correct remote control, the Hisense TV will respond. If the TV doesn’t respond to the remote or buttons, you need to fix the errors in your TV and the remote. First, change the batteries in the remote control and check it to control the TV. If you’re using an Xtreme remote and it still doesn’t work, you may need to reset the remote and reprogram it using the Xtreme TV remote code as per the instructions in the remote’s user manual. This code is specific to Xtreme remotes and will ensure that your remote is correctly synced with your TV.

  1. Use another remote control, the Hisense TV; if the TV responds, you need to fix other problems with your remote. If not, you need to fix the errors in the TV. To reset the Hisense TV, refer to the user manual. As well as find the new updates on Hisense TV’s official website. Update the TV’s firmware and test the TV.
  1. If the problem is not resolved, clean the TV buttons and place the buttons carefully. Sometimes dust can act as resistance while pressing the buttons on the TV. As well as check the signal sensor whether it is working correctly. If the problem with the signals sensor, replace it yourself or consult a TV technician.
  1. If you have fixed all the problems mentioned in this post, if the TV doesn’t work, contact Hisense TV customer care to replace your TV or take further assistance.


Hisense TVs offer the convenience of being controlled without a remote control by using the buttons located on the TV front. However, if your TV model doesn’t have physical buttons, there are other solutions available. One option is to use universal remote apps on your smartphone. Another effective solution is to purchase a compatible universal remote, such as an Onn universal remote. If you opt for this, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process of programming it to ensure it works seamlessly with your Hisense TV. Understanding how to program an Onn universal remote will enhance your control over your TV and improve your viewing experience.

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