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How Do I Program My Blackweb Remote?

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Blackweb remote is the most renowned brand of universal remotes in the industry. Programming a Blackweb universal remote is quite easy with only a few steps, and you can even Program Xtreme Universal Remote if needed. It comes handy when you can’t access your electronic device functions due to a misplaced or damaged remote. With the Blackweb remote control, you can operate up to 6 electronic devices using a single remote. To program the Blackweb remote control, you may need Blackweb universal remote codes, which are available here. These remote codes are 5-digit, 4-digit, and 3-digit universal codes that work to provide command to the device while accessing the functions.






Programming a blackweb universal remote for any of your smart devices is very easy if you have found the correct programming instructions. To help you with this, we have collected how to program blackweb remote steps for universal remote codes and various remote programming methods here that are compatible with all remote models of blackweb.

Here are the step by step guides to program your blackweb universal remote using various methods:

Method 1:  Coding Blackweb Remote using “Instruction Booklet”

  • Turn on your device such as TV/Blu-ray/DVD etc.
  • Now enter the device key from the device category available for the device you wants to program.
  • Tap & hold on the SETUP key from your blackweb remote.
  • Till the led light flashes twice. It denotes that your remote is in programming process.
  • Then enter the code that you find from the instruction booklet.
  • Keep the blackweb remote control in front of device. Then press & hold down the power key from the blackweb universal remote.
  • Click on the Power key until the device turns off.

Method 2: Coding through “Manual Installation”

  • Point out the blackweb universal remote in front of your device.
  • Tap & hold on the SETUP key. Some universal remote models have MAGIC button instead of SETUP. SO you can tap on any of these keys.
  • Then enter the universal remote code that you have found from the codes list available here.
  • Click and hold down the Function key that you wants to program. For ex- VOL+. But click on both the keys simultaneously. To program every key you need to repeat the same process.
  • Tap & hold down the key from Original Remote Controller. 
  • After that led indicator light flashes twice.
  • The volume up button saved successfully. So you can now use the volume key from the universal remote. 
  • When you did the process, click on the SETUP key on the blackweb universal remote. 

Method 3: Coding through “Search Method”

  • Turn on the device manually that you wish to program.
  • Click on the SETUP key and then enter the code 992
  • Tap & hold on the POWER key from the blackweb universal remote. Click and hold the volume up key simultaneously till the device turns off automatically. 
  • If your device switches off automatically that shows the remote is programmed successfully. If the above method doesn’t work with your remote model then you can try out the other programming method. In most cases this method work with all types of remote brands and models.  You can also try any other method to program the remote control as per your convenience. 

Final words:

Please write to us if you found our blackweb universal remote programming article helpful. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. If you have new universal remote codes you can share with us and also we recently published onn roku tv directv remote code with programming steps kindly check them.

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