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D&D 5e Goliath names

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When it comes to naming the Goliath, each Goliath has 3 unique names. One is a birth name which is given by their mother and father of a new-born, the second name is nickname which is given to them by the chief of the tribe. The final name is the family or clan name as a sign of belongingness. The birth name consists of a maximum of 3 syllables. The clan name is usually 4-5 syllables or it can be even more which ends in a vowel.


Usually, the birth names are not linked to any particular gender. When it comes to Goliath, they considered both females and males as same. They don’t understand why societies divide roles by any particular gender. They considered it to be a puzzling and strange practice, totally worth a mockery.  According to the Goliath, the person who does the job in the best way should be assigned doing it, it is totally free from gender or class discrimination.

The nickname of d&d goliath is a kind of description which can change as per the choice of the tribal chief or the chieftain, they are the elder person in the entire tribe. It is considered as the best deed, it can be victory or defeat by the Goliath. The nicknames are used among their friend circle of different races. When it changes, it is considered as a notable thing.

All the 3 names of Goliaths are used to identify them that is namely the birth name nickname and name given by the clan elder. The nickname is used during casual and friendly conversation.

Here are some common D&D 5e Goliath Names

  1. Birth Names

Aukan, Ilikan, Keothi, Kuori,  Manner,Vaunea, Vimak

Maveith, Nalla, Orilo, Paavu, Pethani, Thalai, Thotham, Uthal


  1. Nicknames

Bearkiller, Dawncaller, Steadyhand,  Twistedlimb, WordpainterFearless, Flintfinder, Horncarver, Keeneye, Lonehunter, Thread twisted, Twice-Orphaned, Longleaper,

  1. Clan Names

Anakalathai, Elanithino, Ogolakanu, Thuliaga, Thunukalathi, Katho-Olavi, Kolae-Giuliana, Vaimei-Laga, Gathakanathi, Kalagiano.

Here are some common traits found in Goliath

1.High ability to score

The total score if strength can be raised by 2 and it has 1 positive effect on the final constitutional score.


The total lifespan of Goliaths is said to be equal to human beings. When you calculate the total adulthood and teenage life, it is less than 100 years.


The task, roles, and responsibilities of Goliath are single and lawful. They believe in fairness and to have a balanced self-sufficient like. They push themselves to follow neutrality.


The size of every adult Goliaths rages from 7-8 feet and their weight is usually between 270-350 pounds. The size remains medium.


The walking speed is of 30 feet and possesses natural athletic skills.

6.Stone’s Endurance

Goliaths can shrug off an injury during a damage. The reaction to roll d 12 can be used to control the final damage.

7.Powerful Build

The final weight can be pushed, dragged and lifted when you count as 1 size larger.

8 .Languages

The language accepted is speaking, reading and writing in Common and Giant.

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