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How To Fix Motioninjoy(DS3) Error in Windows 10

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Without installing the proper drivers on the system, the DS3 will not work. So you might be suffering from the various kinds of the issue. And the only solution is the installed of all the drivers properly on your window 10 with the accurate steps. So in today’s post, I am sharing How To Fix Motionjoy (DS3) Error In Window 10.

If you want to control the PlayStation 3  on your system then with the help of the program which is called the motioninjoy is possible. Even some of the people are claiming that this application is not working properly. So let me tell you that you need to install the drivers properly. Then only this error can be fixed or solved. Let us move further and look at the steps.

Steps To Fix Motioninjoy(DS3) Error in Windows 10

Basically, if you the users of the DS3 then definitely you may be searching for the steps. So that you can easily solve the errors. So today, here below I am sharing the steps by steps which are quite easy and simple. Just have a look-

  • In the very first step, you have to click on the icon of the window which is given on the lower left side.
  • After that, you will get the option of the setting. In that option, you have to select the update and security.
  • With the help of the recovery option, you can restart your PC. Just click on the restart now that you will see on the screen.
  • Now, after your PC starts. Just click on the troubleshoot option. So that you will get the advanced options.
  • In that advanced option, you have to click on the startup settings option and restart the stetting.
  • You will get various options. In that, you have to select the disable driver signature enforcement which is on 7 number
  • Although, you can directly click the number key which is 7 or even you can use the function key which is F7.
  • This may lead to the main screen of the window 10. Now you have to open the DS3 tool or the motionjoy application.
  • On the upper side, you will get the option of the driver manager and just click click.
  • Again click on the drivers again and here we have only one controller. So we have to install this driver ad click on install all.
  • Take the time to install all the drivers and even the few seconds. Now in this way you can easily fix the error of the motionjoy.

Issue With The Mottionjoy (DS3)

Most of the users are facing the issue or the proper when you installed the DS3 properly. Mainly the white blank page appears or even the just because of the poor connectivity. So there is no need to take the tension. You just need to simply do the install and uninstall the program. And I am dam sure that you can easily get rid of this issue. There is nothing to do anything else.

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