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Getting an insight on New Patches in League of Legends

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Good options to help you get an insight when going into new patches in the game League of Legends. To exceed in climbing ranks, you need to get a small champion pool consisting of good champions that you will enjoy and have fun playing as well dedicate yourself in playing only those, so that they kind of become easier to play the game with.

Be confident in your game and not dependant on your team to win

Pick with a mind of winning your lane, so focus on champions that are very strong in the early game. Picking late game champions are risky because people would tend to not understand you have a strong late game and just give up or they just don’t care and give up anyway. Winning lane doesn’t have to be ten kills or something as huge as that either, just focus on getting the minions and farm like a god and you will get so much more gold than everybody else.

Seriousness and discipline

One of the biggest contributors to climbing ranks is discipline. So, don’t open your mouth and don’t make excuses for bad plays, don’t feed the trolls with meaningless arguments and don’t look at your team. Everybody in lower ranks are probably a bit unlucky and bad at the game, nothing to be ashamed of. The only way you, yourself will get out these ranks is with a little bit of luck and you fixing your mistakes, rather than looking at your teammates failures.

Don’t Feed – Faker

Feeding is something you have to overcome the most if you do feel you set your team back by giving your enemy a few kills which could have been easily avoided. This will come down to mostly lack of match-up knowledge, greed for a few minions, back timings, pushing with no vision etc. Basically every reason you could die should be looked into and avoided whenever possible.

What to expect from your team in lower ranks


Players in your team in these ranks are not too clear about their champions in terms of what strengths and weaknesses they acquire and how to play around them. Mid to late game is a mess in these low ranks since no has a good idea about what to do once laning phase is over, and how to extend their lead properly. They will definitely push and group to focus on the towers, but getting a lead in laning phase helps this a ton since having higher gold than the enemy team is always good, so concentrate in your early game.

Skills of your teammates increase as you climb

Minions killed and mechanics will slowly improve as you climb as well, everyone should be at a similar level respective to the rank with this. So no more of your “teammate” who manages to hit 50 minions at 20 minutes or anything that bad.

Best help to climb in League of Legends

Players have been using a tier list league for quite some time and stated it was pretty helpful for them since it gives a special insight on which champions are doing optimally good this patch segregated by lanes Top, Mid, Bot, Support and Jungle.

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