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How To Fix Flashx Stream Authorization With Simple Task

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Stream authorization required is one of the annoying pop-ups. you might have used many pairing pop-ups and there you would get this issue. But if you are a flashx user, you must follow the tutorial which we are going to put before you.

Actually, many of the flashx users have asked us how we should fix this http://flashx.cc/pair stream authorization and we tried on behalf of that issue and finally, we got a solution for this issue. If you have been searching for this issue then just follow the below-mentioned step by step tutorial and that will give you the full detailed guide about the flashx stream authorization.

How To Fix Flashx Stream Authorization

To fix the flashx stream authorization you need to follow the below simple and easily understood steps. From those aspects, you will get to know that how flashx should be paired while your videos are asking stream authorization required.

  • First of all, you need to launch your “Kodi Software”
  • On your kodi home screen you have different addons, so select any one of them
  • Try to watch a movie
  • But that video “Doesn’t play”
  • Instead of that video, your addon will deliver “Different Servers”
  • From them, you have to select “Flashx”
  • Now you need watch a movie through the “Selected Server”
  • But the video will deliver a pop up as “To Play This Video Stream Authorization Required”
  • Now you need to open a “New Browser”
  • In that browser you have to enter “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”
  • Here you have to “SIGN UP”
  • After filling the sign-up form you will get a “verification mail”
  • Open your email and click on “Confirm Your Account”
  • Now click on “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”
  • After that you will get “Verify Me” and “Pair now” so chose those options
  • After clicking on the pair now you will get a pop up which says “Your device has paired successfully”

This is the tutorial which says you how to pair your Kodi device with the flashx pair. This should be repeated after every four hours. If your Kodi doesn’t get connected with the flashx pair IP address after four hours duration then the connection will be lost.

If you connected your Kodi IP address with the flahx pair IP address you will get next four hours service to use. So keep changing your ip address for every four hours. To change the ip address you should follow the above-mentioned steps.


In this article, we have mentioned all the useful information about the flashx. Still you have any issues which are relating to the flashx then just use the comment section and let us know what is your issue after we got that issue we will try to solve it as early as possible.

So use this opportunity and also you can give any suggestions about the updated information on flashx stream authorization. Keep visiting our website for more updates.

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