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How To Use Https.Trakt/Activate On Any Media Center

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If you are busy or if you aren’t known that where to watch your favorite videos or any other movies then you must visit the www.trakt/activate website which will give the access to your device to find and tell you where your favorite videos are playing or going to play such as netflix or any other among the various sources.

In this article we are going to give you the guidance that how can we use the Trakt.tv/activate in any other devices, so to use this facility on your various devices you need to join in this trakt community and then you can get all the advantages of this addon.

How To Activate Trakt.tv On Any Device (Media Center)

To get Activated The Trakt tv On Any Device they must need to be have https //trakt.tv/activate pin so you need to follow the below steps to get the code and then you can get your favorite videos timings and where they are going to play. So just follow the below steps.

Before You’re going to have the trakt tv activate device you must use the trakt.tv/activate link to join in this community and then follow the steps which they mentioned there.

  1. After you have the Trakt Account then you need to get the “https //trakt.tv/activate pin
  2. So hit on “Plugin Settings” > Now click on “Authentication Section” > Here you will get the “trakt tv code” which has 8 digits
  3. Now visit the “https //trakt.tv/activate and enter the pin” which you have got in previous step
  4. Click on “Continue” > Then a pop up “Allow access to Trakt.tv for media center To use Your account“, so click on “Yes”

That’s it with this procedure your device can be connected with the Trakt.tv.activate Account. If you would want to be connected with the more media centers then the other media centers should have their own trakt tv code so you can have a chance to connect various media centers and watch your favourite community channels.

How To Get The Trakt.tv/Activate VIP Account

If you support the VIP forums of the trakt tv then your VIP account will get more secure and more features which every Trakt VIP member has. So how to get VIP trakt.tv/Activate account. The steps mentioned in the below of this.

  1. First of all you need to visit the “https://trakt.tv/vip”
  2. Now chose the “Sign Up for VIP” option
  3. Now you have to click on the “Subscribe” option
  4. After hit on that you will get a “Form” which you have to fill
  5. In that form you have to enter “Card Number (Debit or Credit), Address, Country,..etc”
  6. Click on “Create Account” and then “Pay Now” Options

This how you can get the trakt.tv/activate VIP account, to be stable in this VIP community you need to support the VIP forums and participate in all the discussions which are working about the Trakt.tv community.


If you still want to ask any queries about the Trakt.tv/Activate, you can ask us through the below comment section and we will give a reply with the best solutions.

Thank you for visiting our website and keep visiting for more updates of this trakt.

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